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Pioneer Candy Company

Perfecting Gourmet Candy for Over 50 Years

When the original Pioneers set out into the vast, unspoiled beauty of the “wild west” they were searching for something special, something unique. They were searching for a freedom and a quality of life unavailable to them anywhere else. When they arrived and witnessed the quiet majesty of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains they knew their search was over. More than a century later, the Pioneer Candy Company honors that Pioneer Spirit by providing our customers with gourmet candy of a special and unique quality, a quality that cannot be found anywhere else.

Having perfected our craft with over 50 years of gourmet candy-making experience, we continue to make our confections the "old-fashioned way" by cooking small batches with authentic copper kettles and wooden paddles. This devotion to quality, combined with our determination to surpass our customer’s expectations, is the foundation upon which our company was built.

Starting with our small store, Laura’s Fine Candies, in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado, this family-owned and operated business has expanded with the goal of bringing its delicious gourmet products and authentic Colorado taste from our mountain haven directly to your doorstep. Pioneer’s gourmet candy makes the perfect gift for any occasion and we guarantee your recipient’s satisfaction and appreciation for such a unique and wonderful gift. Welcome to the Pioneer Candy Company, the quality you’ve been searching for…


Why Pioneer Candy?

All of Pioneer’s gourmet candy is handmade by confectionary experts in our unique mountain location. Being cooked at an altitude of 7,000 feet gives our gourmet candy a distinct texture, look, and taste not found anywhere else. Each batch is made carefully by hand using only the finest ingredients to create a finished product as fresh as the mountain air where it is made.

Pioneer gourmet candy is the perfect gift for any occasion and any recipient - loved ones, friends, business associates, employees, or even you. Each bite will have you dreaming of open-skies, fresh mountain air, and the natural splendor of Colorado’s majestic mountain landscape.