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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my gourmet fudge stay fresh?

Our gourmet fudge will stay fresh up to 6 weeks at room temperature if you keep it covered. Do not freeze or refrigerate your fudge, as it tends to dry out.

How long will my gourmet toffee stay fresh?

Toffee will stay fresh for 6 months if stored in the freezer and 3 weeks if stored in the refrigerator.

What is your relationship with Laura’s Fudge in Estes Park, Colorado?

Pioneer Candy Company is owned and operated by the same family ownership of Laura’s Fudge, Hayley’s Ice Cream and the Estes Park Taffy Company in Estes Park, Colorado. The idea was to open an online candy store so we can get our best gourmet candy from Laura’s and Hayley’s out to our customers whenever they want it. All of our candy is still made the old-fashioned way in our Estes Park shops but now, rather than driving all the way up into the mountains to get some, the delicious candy now comes to you!

How do you handle shipping in summer or to addresses in warm parts of the country?

All of our candy ships wonderfully and we do everything we can to make sure your order arrives in the best condition possible. We ship all our toffee frozen and it thaws perfectly during transit. However, products should be taken off the porch and unpacked as soon as possible to ensure optimum consistency.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Do you offer secure ordering?

Yes, we are secured by a VeriSign 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Encryption. It is one of the safest ways to order online.

I am interested in sending candy to my clients or employees. Do you offer special pricing for large quantity orders?

Yes! We have a group of highly skilled gifting specialists trained to handle all of your corporate or business gifting needs. Contact one of them today at (800) 550-3740.

How does Multiple Address Shipping work?

Shopping for gifts is easier than ever! Once you’ve placed all your gifts in the shopping cart you can choose to “Checkout with Multiple Addresses.” Then you can choose a separate address for each item in your cart and even add a complimentary gift message to go along with it. We will process an individual order for each address you ship to, but you only have to click “Place Order” once! This helps you keep track of your purchases and makes it easy to fix any issues with any of your shipments.

How and when will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged after you’ve completed your purchase on our website. If shipping to multiple addresses, your total will be broken down and your card will be charged a separate charge for each address.

How do I cancel an order?

Call Customer Service at 800.550.3740 between the hours of 9 am – 5 pm MST Monday through Friday.